It is imperative to keep your water dispenser clean in order to enjoy the purity of H2Only. We strongly recommend that you  carry out a Full Sanitisation Exercise every six months. The video below shows you how to do it but if you’re like to save yourself the hassle and have us to do it for you, our rate is €20 per sanitisation.

Why should you sanitise your cooler?

As soon as a cooler starts being used, it is exposed to dust and bacteria in the environment.  Over time, your cooler may develop ‘biofilm’ which is a thin film allowing bacteria to grow on certain rubber and plastic parts of your cooler. This will contaminate your water, possibly also changing it’s taste which is why it is so important to sanitise your cooler regularly.

We suggest that clients regularly clean the external surface of the cooler, as well as any removable plastic parts, drip trays and faucets to prolong the life of your sanitisation service.

To book a sanitisation service, kindly call on 21420420 or email for an appointment.