Did You Know
Drink at least eight 250ml servings per day
This is the required MINIMUM! Yes. Eight glasses of H2Only per day. It may take a while getting used to but whether at work or at home force yourself to drink this and eventually it will become a valuable part of your life.
Don`t wait until you`re thirsty to drink
You may say.. “but I`m not thirsty” or “I don`t feel like drinking”.. Well FORCE it down! Once you get used to it you will no longer need to “force” yourself.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day
Did you know that it is a fundamental and legal right to be provided with a source of drinking water at your work place? Well if your boss won`t pay for H2Only, why not get your co-workers to chip in and we`ll deliver anywhere you work?
H2Only Mineral Water
The most reliable source of water is H2Only Purified Water because it rapidly leaves the digestive tract to enter the tissues where it is needed the most. These days, clean water is a scarce commodity. Most of us pay more attention to the type and quality of foods we eat and are careless about the quality of water we consume. Countless experts have stated that the purer the water we drink, the better it performs its functions in our body.