A splash of info!
Water is made up of two elements, HYDROGEN and OXYGEN, so its chemical formula is H2O. Our water is just that. No added salts and no nonsense which is why our water is named H2Only.

Drinking water is very important for our bodies and without it we will not function properly. WHY? Everyday our body has a lot of jobs to be done and water helps them getting done. For example the body sends electrical messages between cells so that the muscles can move, the eyes can see and the brain can think and so on.

You must remember to drink even more when it gets hot outside especially if you play football or tennis or like running at the playground. While doing any excercise your body will need even more water since as you sweat, it is losing water so you must replace it. It is very important to remember to drink BEFORE, DURING and AFTER an activity so your body will be able to perform better.

By drinking more water you will also feel GREAT. So fill up that glass and get drinking!