Is H2Only imported?

No, it is locally produced.

Where does our water come from?

The source of our water varies constantly depending on certain parameters. Water is legally sourced from municipal supplies,  rainwater wells, from underground springs or a mixture of these. Ultimately, the source of our water is not as relevant as our treatment process which is what really makes our water H2Only.

How do we treat it?

The treatment process includes depth filtration, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and sterilisation with UV irradiation and ozonation.

What minerals are in it and what has been removed?

H2Only’s mineral content is negligible – we do not add anything to our purified water, as we believe that these minerals do not contribute towards our normal, healthy bodily functions. The result of our purification process is to bring you a purer water which is easy on the body and non-aggressive in its qualities.

Is our water distilled?

No, our treatment does not include distillation.

Is filtering water through household filters just as good?

Filtration will only stop particles like dust and rust and whatever is visible to the human eye. There are various dissolved solids in tap or household well water that are invisible but quite harmful which are not removed by household filters.

Is water still healthy if we remove minerals?

Water is far healthier when we remove minerals as this allows it to be used more efficiently by our bodies. See what the American Medical Association states on our home page.

What are the different sizes of bottles?

We currently produce H2Only in 19 litres and 12 litres polycarbonate bottles which we deliver to your point of use at no extra charge. We also supply a 5 litres PET bottle and 2 litres six-pack to numerous supermarkets and convenience stores. Finally there are two bottles of 700 millilitres , one with sport’s cap.

What other products do you supply?

Click on Other Beverages


What telephone numbers can we contact you on?

You can contact us on 21 420420 between 08:00 and 15:00 Monday to Friday or leave orders 24 hours a day on our answering machines connected to 21 420420. You can also order on care@h2only.com or make use of our online ordering system.

Until what time can we place an order to receive it on the next delivery?

Until 15:00.

What is the cost of H2Only?

Click here for our price list

Do you charge for delivery?

No. Deliveries are free of charge however minimum ordering quantities may apply depending on location.

What are your delivery times?

8am to 4pm

Do you take water upstairs when there is no lift?

Yes we deliver to the second floor (block of Flats) and up to your door if you’re not in, or to wherever is convenient for you.

Do we deliver on Saturdays?

We do not currently provide a Saturday Delivery Service to all localities. Please call us for more information.

What is a deposit?

A one time deposit is charged on our bottles and coolers but these are refundable to your account in the form of a credit note once items are returned or in the form of a cheque once your account has been closed.

Where do you deliver to?

Malta, Gozo and Comino – although we have also delivered to Pozzallo, Sicily on occasion!

H2Only 6L Bottles are available from these Retail Outlets

Birgu : Frank Lira

Bormla : Fiona Bazar, Mizzi Store

Burmarrad : E Convenice, Sweet Kim

Fgura : Rush Hour

Ghaxaq : Angolo Verde, Dolce Delice

Gzira : Lotus Crown, Orient Market, Wenzhou Asian Market, TTT`s Green Grocer, Orient Market 2, Drinks and More, Kings Mini Market, Fiona`s Foodmart, Michael Mini Market

Hamrun : S and S, J&T, Corner Discount Store, Taste of Africa

Kalakara : David Bakery

Marsascala : Jelly Babies, Hasta La Vista, Honey Corner, Daily Needs, Bons Bons

Marsaxlokk : Pompei Self Service

Mellieha : Pick and Go, Farmers Fresh, Bottles and Bottles, Valyou, Jevons, Remissa, Luna Self Service, Brothers Confectionary

Mgarr : Said Mini Market, Vella Supermarket

Mosta : Wenzhou Mini Market

Msida : Carina Self Service, Brothers Mini Market, Oriental BD, Family Daily Needs

Paola : Oscar Fruit and Veg, Kerala Store, Bangladesh Market 2, Mickae Mini Market

Qawra : Stepping Stone, Tipsy Wines and Spirit, Bev`s Bottle Shop, Shop Express, The Food Shop, Fatima Mini Market

Rabat :Sims Market, Mr Yummy, Dingli Self Service

Salina : Salina Convieniece Store

San Gwann : Drinks and More, Aroma, Wentworth, Well Done, The Hive, Wakil Shop, Country Fresh, Friedndly Shop, Savenart, The Ultimate, APG

Senglea : South Needs, Ray Store

Sliema : V&F Dorca, Sliema Mini Market, Nice Things, Al Madina Cash and Carry, Blue Store, Robert Fruit and Veg, George Store, HB Store, Malton, Strand Mini Market, Rotana Mini Market, Drinks and More, Gerald Fruit and Veg, S and M, Strand Gifts and More

St Julians : S&K, Gytha, Peprit, Wenzhou Mini Market

St.Pauls Bay/Qawra/Bugibba : Chocolate Delight, Ideal Store, Jesper Bottle Shop, Filipa Self Service, Tips Conveniece Store, Baraka Store, Said Fresh Daily, Sofia Mini Market, Shop Inn, Bargain Shop, Greendale, Russian House Mini Market, Scooby`s Convenience Store, Solair Mini Market, Omo`s Mini Market, Amro Mini Market, The Olive Tree Mini Market, Hansa Wines and Spirits, Halal Supermarket, Wellbees, Arizona Conveniece, Stepping Stone, Tipsy Wines and Spirit, Bev`s Bottle Shop, Shop Express, The Food Shop, Fatima Mini Market, Astra Mini Market, Green Corner, Vineyard, RCG, Qawra Fruit and Veg

Swieqi : Candy`s, Lifestyle, Xnak Fruit and Veg, The Corner Food Store, Fruit and Veg Hawker

Tarxien : Eman Stationary, Standa 2

Valleta : Ella`s Mini Market

Zabbar : Ganza, Muchio Gusto, V & F, Henry Cellars

Zejtun : 6 till 9

Zurrieq : Nigret Self Service

Is there a minimum ordering quantity?

Yes a minimum of two bottles (19Ltr or 12Ltr )per delivery in most locations on Malta and Gozo however in certain locations a minimum of 5 bottles may apply. PET minimum order is 25 SKU.

Can I pay for my orders using Bank Transfer?

Yes, you can pay directly into our bank account using your Island Beverages account number as the payment reference using the following details:

Account Name : Island Services Co Ltd

Account Number : 11202865032

Bank Name : Bank of Valletta

IBAN Number : MT28VALL22013000000011202865032

Swift Code : VALLMTMT


What are room temperature dispensers made of?

The dispensers are made from the finest food grade porcelain.

How big are your stands?

They occupy a 45cm x 45cm footprint and are around 90 cm high

What size are your coolers?

They vary depending on the model but the stand up coolers are approximately 33cm wide x 33cm deep and 96cm high

Do coolers waste a lot of electricity?

An ambient and cold cooler consumes anything from 68 watts to 100 watts depending on the model. A hot and cold cooler consumes around 500 watts. However all coolers are thermostatically controlled and as such stop consuming electricity when the desired water temperature is reached thus giving a mean consumption of no more than a small light bulb.

What are the temperatures of water coming from your coolers?

In most of our cooler models, temperatures may be regulated but in general, our hot is around 90 deg C and cold around 8 deg C.

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