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Water, like air, is vital to your survival and fulfils five main roles within the human body; it is a lubricant, a solvent, a transportant, a coolant and a dispersant.
If water carries a load (such as salts, metals, minerals and pollutants dissolved within it), then it cannot perform as efficiently in our bodies. Inorganic minerals such as calcium and potassium, found in hard water, enhance the risk of bodily malfunctions such as arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, cataracts, glaucoma, loss of hearing, diabetes, obesity and emphysema.
Thus the purity of the water we drink is essential to various aspects of our health.

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Since 2011 your custom has helped us support voluntary and not-for-profit organisations such as Red Cross Central Branch, Mission Fund, Inspire Ltd, Mount Carmel Hospital, Jesuit Brothers of Naxxar, San Guzepp tat-Targa, The Jesuit Refugee Service and Let’s Do It Malta among others. H2Only also supports sports organisations including the Senglea Regatta Club, VOTO and Lija athletics FC. From all these entities and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your loyalty and custom and look forward to serving you throughout 2017 and beyond.
H2Only – New 6 Liter Bottles
Our 5L bottles have slowly been fazed out to make way for our new, larger 6L bottles. These bottles still come with a convenient carry handle and cost the same as the old 5L bottles – because you deserve more of only the purest water.
Also available in 12ltr bottles
Our 12L bottles are still going strong. Smaller, and lighter to carry, these bottles fit snugly beneath your kitchen top cupboard and fit both the Hot and Cold coolers and porcelain dispensers.